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KillerCon 4 Interview: F. Paul Wilson

KillerCon 4 Guest of Honor Interview—F. Paul Wilson

F. PAUL WILSON is the award-winning, bestselling author of forty-plus books and nearly one hundred short stories spanning science fiction, horror, adventure, medical thrillers, and virtually everything between.  His novels regularly appear on the New York Times Bestsellers List.  The Tomb received the Porgie Award from The West Coast Review of Books; Wheels Within Wheels won the first Prometheus Award.  His novella “Aftershock” won a Stoker Award.  He was voted Grand Master by the World Horror Convention and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers of America.  He also received the prestigious San Diego ComiCon Inkpot Award and is listed in the 50th anniversary edition of Who's Who in America.

In 1983, Paramount rendered his novel The Keep into a visually striking but otherwise incomprehensible movie with screenplay and direction by Michael Mann.

The Tomb has spent nearly 20 years in development hell at Beacon Films (“Air Force One,” “Thirteen Days,” etc.) as “Repairman Jack.”  The plan is to make Repairman Jack a franchise character.  Godot might arrive sooner.

Over nine million copies of his books are in print in the US and his work has been translated into twenty-four languages.  He also has written for the stage, screen, and interactive media. His latest thrillers, The Dark at the End and Nightworld star his urban mercenary, Repairman Jack. Jack: Secret Vengeance is the last of his YA trilogy about Repairman Jack as a teen. Paul resides at the Jersey Shore and can be found on the Web at

KC: How did you first find out about the KillerCon Convention and what were your initial thoughts about a horror convention held in Las Vegas?

FPW: I attended the first Killercon.  I may have seen it mentioned somewhere–Shocklines, maybe?–or heard from Heather Graham who was a guest.  Las Vegas sounded like a great place for a con.

KC: What made you say yes to being a special guest at KillerCon 4?

FPW: Well, I had a great time at  #1 so why would I refuse a guest stint?  Plus it's a chance to meet West Coast and Southwest readers and hang with all my West Coast writer friends who arrive in force.

KC: Can you share some amusing anecdotes from conventions past? What do you like and dislike most about conventions?

FPW: Killercon was the first time a reader asked me to sign her Kindle.  She said she had seven of my books stored inside.  How could I refuse?  Since then I've signed many.  I love meeting my readers and I love the camaraderie of a con.  I'm not crazy about the travel but that's the price you pay.

KC: What are you looking forward to most at KillerCon 4?

FPW: Repairman Jack crosses a lot of genres so I attend a lot of cons.  There's a dark fantasy element, so I've got readers at horror and fantasy cons.  The crime/thriller elements allow me to participate in Thrillerfest and Bouchercon.   A lot of romance readers have the hots for Jack, and so I've become a regular at the Romantic Times Booklovers con.  Killercon is a sort of cross-genre con, so I sort of feel I belong there.

KC: What can readers expect from you next?

FPW: Nightworld was out in May and Cold City–the first in the Repairman Jack Early Years trilogywill be out in November.  I just finished a novelette set in Pellucidar for an anthology of Edgar Rice Burroughs tributes.


KillerConLV would like to thank F. Paul Wilson for taking the time out of his jam-packed schedule to stop by for this interview! :-)

F. Paul Wilson will be involved in various events during KillerCon4. For more information, please visit the Schedule/Events page.


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