Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sign Up Now for Flightlinez at Fremont Street Experience

It's hard to believe there's only one short month left to go before we get the good times rolling at KillerCon 4 in Sin City!

We know you daredevils are pumped for the Flightlinez at Fremont Street Experience! After all, how often do you get the chance to zip down the entire 800-foot length of the Fremont Street Experience at 30 miles per hour? 

If you would like to participate, the KillerCon group is going on Thursday, September 20, departing the Stratosphere Hotel at 7pm for Flightlinez (425 Fremont St.)

Please note: you must sign up on this post by leaving your name and email. (If we get a minimum of twenty participants, we’ll even qualify for the group discount!)
Interested in taking the plunge but not sure if it's your thing? Check out this video that demonstrates just how much fun zip-lining is!


See you all in a month!



  1. Tonya L. De Marco will go on it, so sign her up. Unfortunately, I'm 15lbs over the weight limit.

  2. Sure, why not? Count me in. ebooza (at)

  3. I'm up for it. Edmund Colell -

  4. Assuming I'm under the weight limit - page keeps locking up so I cant see (and I'm not a small man). swa.writer (at)

  5. My wife is in. I will be there to support her.

  6. I'll be there!

  7. Count me in! Always wanted to do this. ERIC J. GUIGNARD

  8. I'm in. Scott James Magner

  9. Can we come to just watch the madness?

    1. Hi Fran! As long as you don't mind paying admission, you may indeed come to watch :-) We're working on securing a group rate, which we will update people on soon.



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