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KillerCon 4 Interview: Eric Red

KillerCon 4 Special Guest InterviewEric Red

Eric Red is a Los Angeles based motion picture screenwriter, director and author. His original scripts include The Hitcher for Tri Star, Near Dark for DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group, Blue Steel for MGM and the Western The Last Outlaw for HBO. He directed and wrote the crime film Cohen and Tate for Hemdale, Body Parts for Paramount, Undertow for Showtime, Bad Moon for Warner Bros. and the ghost story 100 Feet for Grand Illusions Entertainment. He created and wrote the Sci-Fi/Horror comic series and graphic novel Containment for IDW Publishing.

Eric’s recent published horror and suspense short stories include “The Buzzard” in Weird Tales magazine, “Little Nasties” in Shroud magazine, “In the Mix” in Dark Delicacies III: Haunted anthology and “Past Due” in Mulholland Books’ Popcorn Fiction. His short stories “Colorblind” and “Curfew” will be appear, respectively, in an upcoming issue of Cemetery Dance magazine and the Peep Show, Volume 2 anthology.

His first novel, a dark coming-of-age tale about teenagers called Don’t Stand So Close, was published in July.

KC: How did you first find out about the KillerCon Convention and what were your initial thoughts about a horror convention held in Las Vegas?  

ER: I was told about it through my publisher Paul Fry at SST Publications who just released my first novel, Don't Stand So Close.

KC: What made you say yes to being a special guest at KillerCon 4?

ER: KillerCon’s reputation, the interesting line-up of guests, and a horror literary convention taking place in Las Vegas were impossible to resist. 

KC: Can you share some amusing anecdotes from conventions past? What do you like and dislike most about conventions? 

ER: The best thing that ever happened to me at a con was meeting my wife Meredith at the Austin Film Festival in 2001, where I was a panelist and she was a filmmaker in the short film competition. We’ve been together ever since.

Conventions are generally a stimulating way to meet fans and socialize with colleagues in a more relaxed environment outside the business. My favorite conventions have been where the attendees come there to really get something out of it and make use of the panelists and guests. The traveling is occasionally a hassle but worthwhile as I’ve attended cons and festivals all over the world and in remote areas of the US. The only aggravation comes when the cons are disorganized, but that’s rarely the case.

KC: What are you looking forward to most at KillerCon 4?

ER: Seeing old friends and making new ones. And spending some time in Vegas, which is Disneyland for adults.

KC: What can fans expect from you next?

ER: My first novel,  Don't Stand So Close , a strong YA thriller, just came out and has been getting some great reviews and press. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written and I hope that people who enjoy my films will give the book a chance because they won’t be disappointed.

I begin shooting my next film, an epic horror western called The Guns of Santa Sangre, in New Mexico early next year. It’s based on my second novel and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, from Watchmen as the leader of trio of tough American gunfighters in 1880’s Mexico who go up against some very, very bad guys. It’s a rousing and scary shoot-em-up on a grand and supernatural scale.


KillerConLV would like to thank Eric Red for taking the time out of his jam-packed schedule to stop by for this interview! :-)

Eric Red will be involved in various events during KillerCon4. For more information, please visit the Schedule/Events page.


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